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Food and travel writer, specializing in Prague, Central Europe, and the region's great beer and wine trails. Based out of Prague since 2000.

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The Wall Street Journal

Europe's Gastro Burger Scene - WSJ

High-quality hamburgers have come into fashion across Europe, incorporating indigenous flavors in an American classic.

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The Wall Street Journal

Ordering Up an Obscure Czech Wine - WSJ.com

Long known as a haven for lager lovers, Prague is cultivating a pronounced new interest and heightened appreciation for fine vino, with a new generation of wine bars, as well as well-stocked wine shops and improved restaurant wine lists.

02beer600 article
The New York Times

Savoring Italy, One Beer at a Time - NYTimes.com

In the great Italian wine regions of Lombardy and Piedmont, a nascent beer trail has emerged, rewarding thirsty travelers with unusual, unexpected new brews.

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The Wall Street Journal

Something Is Brewing in Austria | Stift Engelszell Trappist Beer ...

Stift Engelszell in Austria recently joined one of the beer world's most exclusive clubs: the handful of Trappist monasteries that make their own ales.

Tokaj article
The New York Times

Tokaj, Hungary, a Little-Known Wine Trail - NYTimes.com

In northeast Hungary, the tiny town of Tokaj offers culture, cuisine, and the oldest classified vineyards in Europe.

London article
The New York Times

Brewing a New Beer Scene in London - NYTimes.com

After decades of brewing decline, the hometown of IPA, Imperial Stout, Porter and other beers has a thriving new craft beer scene.

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The Wall Street Journal

A Modern Take on Czech Cuisine - WSJ.com

Can Czech chefs operate in the pro leagues? Oldrich Sahajd√°k is dressing up classic Old World recipes and exporting them to his new restaurant Hospoda in New York.

Open uri20120925 32077 1oppmp7 article

Czech Beer Revolution - Saveur.com

Home of the original pilsner, the Czech Republic has a deep and abiding relationship with beer, downing the world's highest volumes of the drink per capita.

Dsc 4320 article

360-Degree Panorama Takes You Inside an Off-Limits Baroque Library

PRAGUE -- On a brisk but beautiful February afternoon, Jeffrey Martin and his robotic camera stand inside one of the Czech capital's most gawk-wort

The New York Times

Prague, One Pint at a Time